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Customized Classes Available

Level One Usui Reiki (Intuitive) - Sensing the Energy - $250 (2-4 students required/class)

This class is designed to help you create balance in your world, reduce stress, enjoy a new sense of peace while you learn to release emotions that keep you bound. Learn your own natural intuitive abilities and awareness with Reiki-Universal loving energy. This class is designed to begin self care and empower you.  

We will cover:
- Reiki history, Attunements, The Reiki hand positions, The Reiki Principles, Grounding, Protection, & Clearing, Chakra Basics, Meditation, Self Treatment Hand Positions & Treatment, Treating Others Hand Positions & Treatment.

Level Two Usui Reiki (Intuitive) - Call the Energy - $375 (2-4 students required/class)

Taking your Reiki to the next level and increasing the Reiki and your vibration. You will also learn 3 symbols including how to send Reiki healing energy at distance to people and events. 

We will cover:
- Power Symbol, Mental & Emotional Symbol, Distance Healing Symbol, Group Healing, Code of Ethics & Practice Guidelines.

Prerequisites for Level two registration will be covered in Level One

Advance/Master Usui Reiki (Intuitive) - Class upon Request

Prerequisites for Advance registration will be covered in Level Two

More Classes to Come Soon!

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