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Christine Worobec
Holistic Intuitive Therapist
My approach to Integrative Wellness Therapies is offering sessions  that are unique based on individual needs and requirements at the time of your appointment.  I believe in the mind, body and spirit approach to wellness and understand the importance of integrating holistic therapies along side the western model of health care.  
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My personal journey with complementary healing therapies began when I struggled with my own health challenges. I became interested in integrative healing therapies as a western model was not able to provide me with the full spectrum of care I needed in order to heal, thrive and function in my life as a professional working wife and mother. After being introduced to Energy/Reiki therapy and Reflexology my health improved greatly. 
This path took me to becoming certified as a Registered Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada. Master in Usui, Lemurian, and Akhanda Ru Reiki, Certified Yoga Teacher, trained in Therapeutic Touch, Raindrop/Relaxation Massage, as well as an Access Bars Practitioner, along with clearing energy blockages on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

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